live.numbox automations don't work

    Apr 20 2010 | 9:56 pm
    At the beginning I thought it's my fault but I face the same problems in every Max 4 Live device I make. If I have more than 1 live.numbox in a M4L device the reading of certain automations is constantly canceled. Imagine I have live.numberboxes called A, B and C. When I record the automation for A, the reading of that automation works fine. When I record the automation for B, the automation will be written but Live would not want to read it. The automation becomes grey/brown and if I press "back to arangement button" Live automatically switches back. In other words, I can record as many automations I want, but Live will read just few of them, sometimes only one.
    Another example:
    I have two automations (A and B) already recorded. Now I want to add the automation C. When I am recording the automation C, Live will stop reading B and therefore rewrite the whole B with a static value.
    This problem is driving me crazy because the reason I bought Max 4 Live was the ability to record and read Max parameters. I would be very grateful for any explanation or advice...
    PS: If there are no Max/MSP objects connected to live.numboxes so there is basically no CPU consummation going on, the writing/reading of automations works well. But as soon as live.numberboxes controll any CPU cheap DSP I face the problems discussed above.

    • Apr 21 2010 | 8:03 pm
      So let's have a simple, step-by-step description (a patch would be even better) that describes how you set the live.numbox objects up, (parameter enable, etc.) and so on. That would certainly help people nail the problem down - standard bug reporting.