Live Parameter "Learn"

    Feb 26 2013 | 6:01 am
    Ok I have been looking around for the last few hours now and I am finally brought to asking for help (The Horror!)
    This is for max 5 for live in live suite 8
    I've been looking for a way to affect a parameter within live (effect knobs etc), and if possible in external programs (VST parameters). Now, I know from a couple different patchers I've downloaded that this is possible, for instance the learn button on the Bento Mapulator. However, whenever I find a patcher that has such a function, the mechanics of that function are within a patcher object and I am unable to open them up and see what's inside.
    So I've got a laundry list of questions I guess: Is there somewhere I can find a "learn" patcher to look at? Is there something I am missing when trying to open the mapulator patcher objects? (Whenever I make a patcher and in the tutorials, you just double click; for 3rd party patcher objects though this just seems to rename them) Will I be able to make a max patcher that acts as a midi sending device (an instrument if you will) that I can map VST parameters to like I would to any other midi control surface?
    Then while I'm at it I had a few other unrelated questions:
    -I can't seem to find the pluggo tutorials that supposedly will show me how to make a standalone patcher (I read somewhere that that isn't even possible for max v.5?). So can I make a standalone application with it and will those pluggo tutorials set me on the right course or is that not possible anymore? And would it be possible with max 6?
    -I read somewhere that the way to extract/compile to C++ was through the File>Build Collective/Application pathway but this is greyed out for me. If this is related to the question immediately above I wouldn't think there would even be a greyed out menu item, so what is the deal with that?
    -Lastly, small issue but right now the only way I can open max is by going into live, dropping in a max effect/instrument, and then editing it. If I just run max it tells me my trial has expired and to register and I don't have an ilok key or something. I may have downloaded the trial version of max 5 (or 6, I don't remember if it was either), so maybe that has to do with it but is this normal and if not how could I maybe fix it?
    Sorry for the long list of questions.

    • Feb 26 2013 | 8:08 am
      For the last two questions : these are related issues due to the facts you use M4L but didn't buy a max license per se. You can't build collective / standalone and you can't use max as an autonomous app. For the third question : build standalone is of course possible in max 5, it's just that you fall under the limitation I wrote above...
    • Feb 28 2013 | 12:58 am
      Thanks. Found that right after I posted, fairly unfortunate. There's a crossgrade discount and a student discount but no student crossgrade discount. Whoops. Shoulda read the fine print.
      Got the mapulator object open (I was being pretty thick apparently) but unfortunately a good deal of what I needed to figure out was being done with the sprintf object and C language. Not particularly inclined to be learning two programming languages at the moment, I would still appreciate it if someone might point me in the right direction in max/MSP.
    • Feb 28 2013 | 3:43 am
      I would recommend to take a look at the max audio effect folder in your stock live install. This contains the folder /Tools/API. Inside there you shall find Max Api Dial . On the right of that device, you can see 3 dropdown boxes, where you can select a parameter and control it. IMO this is the best implementation of controlling a parameter in live. This is a javascript solution that is very stable (it saves the parameter mappings to a certain extent with your live set). Ive tried to do the same thing in max, but its incredibly difficult to do.
    • Feb 28 2013 | 10:43 am
      > (it saves the parameter mappings to a certain extent with your live set)
      In my experience the settings are saved reliably unless you open the device for editing. Did you notice any other issues with it?
    • Mar 01 2013 | 1:37 pm
      Thanks for the replies!