Live.step in Matrix

    Dec 09 2013 | 9:45 am
    Can you make live.step work in matrix mode. We've been given a task to use it for a drum sequencer and I'll be honest I think it is the wrong tool for the job. At the moment it only seems to want to receive single notes on the sequence. I'm trying to get it so it is folded to about 6 notes, each a different drum (like you'd want and is already built, but hey ho) and then the extra 1 control on each drum choose the 'sound' or timbre of the drum and the extra 2 be the pan.
    I've already done a drum machine using the live.grid albeit I messed it up as I couldn't unpack or put the output numbers in a list, so ended up cheating. But still, any help would appreciated very much.