LiveControl Control Surface Question (Python, Ableton M4L & Monome)

    Dec 27 2010 | 3:50 am
    Hi all The attached LiveControl script (which the developer was so kind to adapt slightly to my needs) is almost perfect for what I need it. Original LiveControl is here: Difference of this version to the normal LiveControl: Press and hold the bottom left button, then press the one to the right. That shows the menu which in the normal livecontrol is on the bottom row. My question is: Where can i fix the vertical track number for the sequencer in the python code? The goal is that when I change tracks in Ableton, the cursor/LiveControl indicator circle would stick on the predefined track, so my sequencer (drum clip) is always shown on the monome. I am pretty sure it's just one line to fix, and the developer is not very responsive for the moment, i don't want to bother him. Thanks