Lobjects News

    Dec 01 2006 | 7:27 pm
    Lobjects development has been glacial of late, and promises to get slower. One of the disavantages of having a lot of bright, energetic students-- way too many ideas to work on.
    However, there are three new items in the beta folder at ftp://arts.ucsc.edu/pub/ems/Lobjects
    LprefUB is a Universal Binary version of Lpref. This is a complete rewrite to work with plists in the new preferences architecture. One interesting feature is that it will return the media access control address for the machine it is installed on. This may be useful for copy protection schemes.
    Lpath is a new object that controls linear motion in 3D space. You give it target coordinates, and bangs will trigger intermediate coordinates to the destination. Timing is internal, so the motion is smooth under heavy jitter processing.
    Lorbit controls motion in a 3D orbit around a given origin. You specify gravity, an initial position and an initial velocity, and see what happens. Or, you specify a position and axis, and the object will calculate and execute a pretty orbit.
    I don't have an intel machine to test these, so I appreciate feedback from those who make them work. pqe