local/global pattr

    May 19 2006 | 10:35 pm
    hi all,
    I've built a large-ish instrument (sensor controlled samplers) with global saving of values - ie autopattrs in each subpatcher and a pattrstorage in the top-level patcher. I've built this for 2 slightly different purposes - one is to be used in a series of workshops for children with special needs, the other is to be used by a musician friend as a performance instrument (along with his flute). This means that it has to be simple enough for non-technical teachers to operate (hiding away a lot of the possible settings), but still have a lot of flexibility available.
    One of the 'hidden' bits is a sub-patcher containing maxtrixctls for routing various possible midi input devices to patch parameters. For the schools project it's basically static set-ups, so one matrix set per pattrstorage preset is fine. however, it's just occurred to me that it would be really good to be able to switch midi controller routings in real time without altering any of the other various parameters that are active at that time.
    So I guess what I'm after is the ability to store a set of preset routings at the level of the routing patcher separately from the global settings. I guess I could create a series of global presets and only change the routings, but it seems better to just do it "locally".
    So am I right (about doing this at the local level)? And can this be done with the pattr objects (without messing up the existing global pattr system) - (I couldn't figure it out from the help files) - or would I be better off doing this with [coll]?

    • May 19 2006 | 10:42 pm
      You can just put another pattrstorage in the lower-level patch, and manage presets locally with that one. At the upper level, you can either (with @greedy 0) control the lower-level pattrstorage (send it a value to change its preset), or (with @greedy 1), see all of the objects in the subpatcher, and control them directly as before.
    • May 20 2006 | 4:06 pm
      So you can! Great, thanks for the confirmation - that all seems to be working fine.