long file names request

    Mar 05 2007 | 10:28 am
    When saving a patch and I type in a filename longer than the old OS 9
    limit of 32 characters, the writing fails and it will only spit out a
    stupid error message into the Max window.
    This is bad two reasons. As the Max window isn't monitored all the time,
    it easily happens, that you think its saved, but it isn't!
    The error messag itself is typically useless "...error 0 creating file"
    doesn't tell anything. (At least not for the average user...)
    My suggestion: simply truncate the name, save and post a warning in the
    Max window, better than not saving...
    I don't need to mention that allowing the length of the underlying OS
    would be the way to go, but if you can't fix that before Max 5., the
    other alternative might be worth a quick fix...
    The mentioned problem happens on OS X by the way...
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