"look ahead" midi events in a file

    Aug 31 2013 | 8:07 pm
    I have midi files and I want to know what is coming x milliseconds earlier.
    The way I think I can do it is this:
    start the [seq] at y bpm (very fast, say 480). After z ms, give the [seq] the normal bpm value of the track.
    Thus, all events coming after the z millisecond should appear x ms earlier, compared to a normal playback.
    What I need is a formula, where I give x and (y or z) and I get (y or z)
    I hope I make sense - any other ideas on how to look ahead midi events are really welcome.
    Many thanks in advance

    • Aug 31 2013 | 10:00 pm
      I would record the midi file into [coll] and then use this for playback. Since all midi events are stored you can easily do any look ahead.
    • Aug 31 2013 | 10:26 pm
      ...i would simply start another seq with the same midi file x milliseconds earlier than the one actually used for playback !
    • Aug 31 2013 | 10:57 pm
      Thanks to both of you.
      VICHUG, I tried that - I used a [timer] to check if the timing difference between the 2 [seq] was what I expected and it wasn't... It seems that seq is not as precise.
      Well, I now just [pipe] the midi notes and I always get proper delay. It is not really what I need, but it saves me much time for now.
      thanks again
    • Sep 01 2013 | 9:44 am