Looking for a MaxMSP Expert to assist on audio project

    Jul 22 2013 | 6:36 pm
    Greetings Max Enthusiasts,
    Some of you may remember this posting from a few months ago. I apologise for the delay, but our project was postponed. We're currently looking to revisit it and would love to hear from all eligible candidates.
    We're looking for an expert in Max/MSP to consult a small group of audio professionals on a project. We are looking for this person to help us solve a specific problem we are facing regarding the design of a MaxMSP script that specifically deals with audio. The ideal response would be from an expert in the field who has a wealth of experience working with this software in audio realm. If you are merely proficient please do not respond as we require someone deeply and intimately familiar with both the function and architecture of the software. Please respond to this ad with qualifications and an hourly rate for consideration.
    Thank you,
    - Alex
    p.s. if you responded to this in the past, i will be reaching out to you via p.m.

    • Jul 22 2013 | 7:37 pm
      I would DM you, but currently the Max forum doesn't seem to support this.
      If you're the Alex I contacted previously about a Max/MSP project, then I have your coordinates somewhere (and you have a not-absolutely recent CV from me). Otherwise, if you could please give a hint on how people can reach you off the forum, it would be appreciated.