Looking For Assistance Creating Something Good - Any Techs Please.

    Jun 12 2012 | 3:44 pm
    Hello Folks,
    I have an interest in creating or having something created for Max. This is a project which I feel would make a huge impact for the product and Live.
    What I would like to see created is a application to stream line break downs and fill for songs. Creating an application to assist in making transitions from one part of a song to the next. I imagine a tool which would have a number of presets for transitions to include synth introductions, drum rolls, stuttering drums and stuttering synth introductions to new parts of a song. The application would have to allow the person to be able to modify the transitions and allow them to create a new bank of presets for future projects. Keeping this application easy would be of huge benefit to the user and would no doubt be one of the most sought after and used applications Max for Live has introduced.
    When I look at other applications such as Haus Now or Schwarzonator II I see these were made with the intention of getting the user to develop the song in a quicker more fun way then the traditional method of mapping the sounds. The creation of this application would most likely be a huge selling point for max for Live and will draw attention from novice musicians and pro's alike. Having the ability to now generate music and test various transitions on the fly would make the Ableton and Max for Live shine big time. Imagine creating your sounds and in an instant get to hear what transitions might fit in best. Even for a pro this would get them to hear what the song can sound like and would allow then to tweak the settings either inside the application or outside.
    The application would need some decent presets such as drum rolls which would allow the drum pattern to speed up for a certain time frame creating more tension for the track. Presets like a synth that reverberates more till its climax, or even simple white noise which can introduce the next piece of the song. Allowing users to have the presets and then turn around an inject a new type of sound would open up possibilties that would make this application a sure fire success. Every type of music would get a shot at this application whether House music, R&B, Rock or various other types of dance music.
    I really hope this message and the idea make it to the ears of someone interested in working on this application. I would simply like to have the application named "GLuu" since this application will be whats holding the pieces of some of the great sounds Live and the users keep coming up with. I would invest to see this idea come true, I really think it would make Max for Live blow up, its irresistible for those like me who are not able to make time to fully flesh out tracks. Most of the hard work of the tracks arent in the beat production side, its on these small aspects which bring the beats to life. A friend of mine said it best "80% of the music is created in a couple hours but for that last 20% it can take hours." I want to see this application created to make a truly awesome application explode but also to see how the Ableton community expands upon this with their talent and hopeful input for even more presets.
    Please let me know your thoughts and if I can do anything to see this created.
    Thank you Kindly,

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      He is actually serious, i questioned the same over on the Ableton forum...
      Could be an interesting project although in my opinion a lifetimes work in making a specific DAW do something it's not really designed to when there are ipad apps out there that do roughly the same?
      Cheers D
    • Jun 18 2012 | 2:52 pm
      I think that the following presets could be useful: 'create money making track', 'create classic track', 'create full-on track'.