Looking for good info/reference on js

    Jun 16 2010 | 9:37 am
    As the title suggests i'm looking for a website that provides good info on javascript. First for webdevelopment and later for max although my guess is that when familiar with the webdev switching to max won't be that difficult (i hope).
    I'm actually just looking for a good reference on javascript, something like the processing-reference or the one from Java. http://processing.org/reference/ http://java.sun.com/javase/7/docs/api/
    I know about the link from the maxhelp to mozilla (https://developer.mozilla.org/en/Core_JavaScript_1.5_Reference) but i can't find anything nearly as complete as the processing or java-reference on there, plus google isn't really helping much either.
    Thanks for your help, FRid
    (Any other great resources on this are also welcome ofcourse)

    • Jun 16 2010 | 10:52 pm
      I think the MDC website is pretty useful but it works more as a reference than as tutorials to get you up and running. A few other sites I found helpful when trying to get to grips with javascript are the W3Schools, Sitepoint and Hunlock sites, although again they are a little more like reference libraries.
      Definitely check out the javascript tab of ExamplesOverview found in max under the Extras menu and you might also want to hunt down the Max 4.6 reference PDF as it is a bit easier to work through than the help pages in the new version.
      Otherwise try to find some pre-existing javascripts for max to see if you can figure out what they do and pick up some tips and tricks along the way. Emmanuel has some in the Ejies collection and I've shared some here. There are a couple of other entries there specifically about using javascript in max, hopefully you'll find them useful at some point. You can search for javascripts for max at the Max Objects site also.
    • Jun 17 2010 | 11:50 am
      Thanks for the info! At first glance i think the w3schools and sitepoint are exactly what i need.
    • Jun 17 2010 | 2:02 pm
      The JavaScript API is quite small, it really just consist of the objects at the MDC link above.
      The W3C site is a good info on the DOM API used in browsers.
      Douglas Crockford is probably the greatest authority on JS today. I highly recommend his talks on "The JavaScript programming Language" and "Advanced JavaScript". http://video.yahoo.com/watch/111585/1027823 http://video.yahoo.com/watch/111593/1710507
    • Jun 19 2010 | 8:37 pm
      Video! Nice...
      Thanks for the links guys, i'll probably won't have a social life for the coming weeks or see any sun.
    • Sep 11 2010 | 11:06 pm
      Thanks for the links!