Looking for Jitter classes or workshops

    Mar 01 2014 | 5:51 pm
    Hi all, I was wondering if anyone in this Jitter community would willing to give me Jitter lessons. I already know some basics but I would like to take a shot at a bigger beast such as the inner workings of the gl world.  & jit. phys objts etc . I've already put my nose in the red book and all the jitter recipies as well as  hacked plenty of great patches from you guys in this forum. Using the [jit.matrix float32 ] to shape gl planes etc… But I still feel i'm missing a large large part of what jitter can offer. I know that most companies I know use TouchDesigner to accomplish their projects. But for some reason I wanna stick with Jitter.
    Lessons: I think one good way would be to do lessons over skype or gchat and I could pay you via paypal.
    OR alternative: I would also be interested taking a  intensive 2-3 week class . Would anyone from the c74 team know if such classes exist. Not courses for Max or MSP but solely Jitter and the inner workings of the gl world and jit. physand/ how it is approached in Jitter and about 20-25 typical good modules set ups
    Approach: I always approach learning a new programming language in the same manner; there are always classes  libraries to learn but then the good bit is to learn  circa 30 solid modules where on can do almost endless amounts of module combos to meet his needs .
    Endless thanks to everyone for pointing me in any direction.

    • Mar 03 2014 | 4:43 am
      no one wants to earn a few extra bucks ??