Looking for someone to test my patch on the latest generation Mac Book Pro

    Jan 17 2012 | 10:26 pm
    Hi all,
    Like the title suggests, i'm looking for someone who wants to test my patch on the latest generation Mac Book Pro. I'm curious to find out how a newer system would improve the frame rate of the patch. All this to see if i need to splash out the cash for a new laptop right now. I need a fully up and running system within the next 2 weeks, so it's kind of urgent.
    If you feel like you can spend a bit of your precious time on it, please send me an email: yves at knobsounds dot com
    I'll upload the patch and the necessary media files to my dropbox for sharing. And i'll write a tiny manual. It's all very straightforward.
    There's some extra stuff you need to have installed to use the patch: CNMAT, fiddle~ and Vade's shaders Beta 2.
    And if you really have time on your hands, please dive into it. All kinds of advice are welcome.
    Thanks in advance!

    • Jan 17 2012 | 10:44 pm
      I assume it's for max 6? (not max 5)
    • Jan 17 2012 | 10:46 pm
      Hi Terry, yes, correct. It's for max 6. I should have mentioned that. Thanks for pointing that out.