Looking to hire Jitter programmer for a stand alone application job, in New York

    Jun 27 2013 | 4:49 am
    Hello Cycling74 Community!!!
    Just briefly before I begin I am a furniture designer and traditional film maker so very new to this community but I love it. Bravo to cycling74 for creating such a sweet set of tools. I am working on what I think is a very interesting project here in Brooklyn NY. We are shooting a pixilation (means with live actors, here is wiki http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pixilation ) stop animation music video with an antique film process called collodion tin types. We have come up with a system to keep track of the continuity on set of the live actors and the still objects using dragonframe but we have maxed out it's potential and need more from it. That is clearly where jitter comes in and indeed you! This is a self funded passion project, but I want to pay for this programming work and I am not a cheap guy. So consider this a normal paying gig. I would much rather work with someone in the New York area but am open to telecommuting as well. Please get in touch with a list of achievements in jitter and we can get the conversation started. Here is a link to a three second test shoot that was very informative, This is before dragonframe was brought in and it's cool but we need the action much tighter, let alone issues with chemicals...
    Thank you for you time,