losing coords in jit.window / fullscreen

    May 07 2006 | 2:13 am
    I am writing to report a problem I'm having where I'm banging a jpeg image with qmetro, and trying to get mouse coords on it. I am running a 20" IMac G5 and would like to use to full screen, but a major issue for me here is that my (x) mouse coords won't go beyond 1240, (y limited to 800) then they actually inexpicably won't go beyond 600 (x) and 400 (y) a bit after that while working. This is all in the course of minutes. But I can never get beyond 1240 x.
    I'm using a 1680x1050 display.
    The patch is this. I am not sending the image but you can still get the idea without it (coords will still show up).
    I'm definitely in need of help here!
    Cheers, Jim Briggs

    • May 07 2006 | 2:25 am
      I have screen dims of 1280 x 856, so I had to change the size of your window object. Still, I was able to get the coords to go all the way to 1280 and 856 in fullscreen mode.
      HTH, wes