M4L Crash reading the scenes fired

    Aug 21 2012 | 1:57 am
    Hello guys! I want to receive a bang when I fire it from MIDI like Apc 40, or MicroKontrol. The reason is because I'm programming jitter in Max for live and I thought about sync it by this method... I know maybe are other ones better, but you know... I have to resolve it. Two days ago, I tried to read the fired scenes (by two or three scenes) and it worked. But when I made the patch for 40 scenes it doesn't work. Do you think it's just a problem of Ram or something like that? The Cpu don't give me signals of it. When I load the patch to Live it crashes immediatly.
    Live version 8.2.6, MaxVersion 6.0.4, Imac 10.6, 3.06GHz Intel Core Duo, 4GB 1067 Mhz DDR3.
    I've just uploaded the patch. I hope your HELP! thank you so much.

    • Aug 21 2012 | 10:21 am
      Well, I didn't go over the entire patch because its too chaotic for me to read. But I can see why it fails; you're trying to observe almost every scene in the liveset which gobbles up a huge amount of resources. And it doesn't work properly it seems because on my end it didn't blink.
      That could be because I'm on Max 5 but I doubt it. Keep in mind; if you're only using M4L then using Max 5 could have some advantages because there are a few issues (so I've read) with Max 6 and Max for Live. It seems the best version to use for M4L is 5.
      Alas... The problem here as I see it; you should try to think out of the box so to speak and maybe try to become a little more familiar with the so called Live Object Model. A possible good help here can be my LOM.Navigator (link to the tutorial posted here).
      What I mean with 'out of the box'. You want to know if a scene has been fired. SO instead of trying to observe every scene available (which will never work; what if the user adds or worse; removes scenes?) try to think of what those scenes have in common. What I did was simply go over that LOM page and search for "scene" to see what kind of options are available.
      And then it hit me: selected_scene. This is of course assuming you have "Select on launch" turned on in your Live preferences.
      If you then fire a scene it will get selected and fire everything in it. So now the new problem becomes how to find out if a new scene has been selected. That can be done with the "change" object. Then, if you found out the change in scene the only thing left to do is to find out if its been triggered or not.
      And here comes another problem, but that one is only recognizable through experience (or simply trial and error).
      You'd be tempted to use a live.object, check the "is_triggered" property and be done with it. Problem: Max internal processing is often faster than Live. So its very well possible that the patch has already checked everything after which Live triggers the scene. Solution: an observer to continue monitoring.
      And only one, you simply point it to different scenes based on which scenes got fired.
      Alas; long story. I need to get going soon, here is my patch which sents out a bang on scene launch (after the select 1), and also prints out the number of the triggered scene. Change as needed.
    • Aug 24 2012 | 12:54 pm
      Wow! I didn't see it just today. It's interesting what you say! I'll take a look! Long story but, good story ;) I'd tried the patch the first time and it doesn't worked so good, it just send to me the sixth scene (May be because i'm in Max 6? A joke). For the second time, I closed both programs Live and M4L and charge the patch again, and this time all was good. Thanks! In this new patch I've just uploaded, there's what I would like. I think it's the solution. My great handicap was that I would like to change to the scene not when I fire it, just when Live do it (the first quarter of four). I want to be sync with the new scene's sound. So, now I'm going to prove it with all the other devices and patches for testing if it works correctly. Do you know if the metro object will stay connected good for 30ms?
      I know, I have to study and understand the Lom.Navigator. ;) Time to time.
      Thanks for your really quick answer.
      Keep in touch!
    • Aug 24 2012 | 4:30 pm
      Youre much better off simply observing the scene launch buttons on the APC40....
      Cheers D