M4L effect with midi channel out?

    Jun 06 2013 | 8:27 am
    Sup guys
    I got a midi effect, is there any way for me to select which midi channel the midi goes out on cause at the moment it only goes out on the track that i have put the effect on. The reason is i want to have multiple effects in one patch and route each effect to a midi channel of my choice.
    Please assist, i am stuck

    • Jun 06 2013 | 9:17 am
      cannot be done in a simple way with max for live, I'm afraid. I know, I was equally flabbergasted by it - same goes for the audio effects.
      I was under the impression that it would be expanded upon at a later point, but I guess that didn't happen.
      Anyway, the way I have tended to solve it is to make little send/receive satellite sets to send data around in Live, but it does add latency, so it isn't ideal at all.
      But my advice would be to think more in single modules rather than the "do all" mega-patches. I think a lot of people will agree that it'll make you happier in the long run, too :=)
    • Jun 06 2013 | 9:57 am
      Simple, straight to the point answer.
      Forums need more guys like you. Thanks man