M4L Full Week Intensive this month at Harvestworks in NYC

    Mar 02 2010 | 5:10 pm
    MAX FOR LIVE (M4L) FULL WEEK INTENSIVE Mark Triant, Dafna Naphtali, Adam Rokhsar Monday through Friday, March 15 - 19 10am to 6pm (40 hrs) - $1200 + $75 for membership
    Harvestworks in New York City offers a 40-hour crash course in Max for Live (M4L) - a new incarnation of Max/MSP that runs natively within Ableton Live, enabling users to design and share custom-made instruments, processors, and interfaces, with a level of integration beyond what third-party plugins are capable of. This full-week, 40-hour crash course is designed to help new M4L users dive into the construction of new devices to run within Live, including MIDI and audio processors, new instruments, and interfaces to Live's API which allow M4L patches to monitor and control application-wide behavior in real-time.
    Max for Live combines the limitless customizability and open-ended creative process of Max/MSP with Live's robust, integrated production and performance environment, setting a standard of performance and versatility never yet seen in an audio workstation. The course is taught by our Ableton Live and M4L specialist Mark Triant, and veteran Max programmers Dafna Naphtali and Adam Rokhsar. The course is designed for beginners to Max/MSP, with or without experience in Ableton Live, who want a head-start with this software package. The course may be especially appealing to artists living outside of New York City who don't have the opportunity to learn Max for Live in their own hometown and who would enjoy a week in New York City.
    The cost of the course is $1200, plus $75 for the annual Harvestworks membership that is required to take the course. The courses are Mondays through Fridays 10am to 6pm. Working in our computer lab after 6pm can also be arranged. Lecture demonstrations will alternate with practice time, and some of our Max-savvy interns can be available to assist during practice time. The course will provide lots of practice and sample patches. Students enrolled in Max/MSP/Jitter related classes at Harvestworks are eligible for Cycling 74's educational discount when purchasing the software. The course is limited to 10 students.
    Prerequisites: Students have to use their laptops with all necessary software installed. Call us if you have problems.
    We will not provide meals or snacks for the course, but can point to lots of cheap dining places in the neighborhood. We also cannot provide accommodations, but can help with posting requests or bringing you in contact with other artists who might be able to help.
    In his interview on Cycling74's website, Hans Tammen gives a few insights into Max teaching at Harvestworks: https://cycling74.com/story/2008/9/15/113650/347
    Harvestworks: From our central SoHo location in New York City, we bring together innovative practitioners from all branches of the digital arts, and provide a vital context and catalyst for creativity in the field. For the last thirty years we have offered artists on-site recording studios, programming services, workshops, classes and one-on-one tutorials in emerging technologies supporting the pioneers of computer music with equipment and instruction. As a tool for artists, Max has been a central part of the Harvestworks program for almost 20 years. We offer regularly scheduled year-round classes and workshops on a wide variety of topics relating to Max/MSP and Jitter; as well as our Certificate Program, a flexible course of one-on-one instruction.