M4L looper - overdub in original pitch/speed while playback speed is different

    Apr 16 2010 | 8:36 pm
    I tried to build a looper similar to stompboxes like line6 dl4. I want to record, playback at double speed and overdub. The overdubbed material should keep speed/pith until I switch back to normal speed. I used groove for playback. Changing the speed works fine but the overdubbed material is directly played back in the changed speed. Any idea how I can realize this?
    Thanks, Karsten

    • Apr 18 2010 | 8:34 am
      could I do this with stutter~ ?
    • Apr 23 2010 | 2:24 pm
      I built a looper with poke~ that works good. but there is a problem with reverse (-0.5) and double speed (2). for the double speed problem I found a workaround recording the first loop at half speed.
      here is the patch:
    • Apr 28 2010 | 3:45 am
      you should download ipoke~ and use it in overdub mode http://pierrealexandretremblay.com/no-tv//MaxMSP/
      i am also working an external that does similar varispeed recording, but using 4 point interpolation instead of linear
      it has a sound on sound knob that allows you to determine the rate at which old sounds decay in the loop -
      also uses nonlinear transfer function in the buffer write so that it achieves 'tape saturation' instead digital clipping, and can handle inputs greater than 1, less than -1
      i use it now live, but hopefully i'll be able to post it soon?
    • Apr 29 2010 | 7:00 am
      I'll as soon as possible. Hope it will resolve the reverse and double speed problem. Do you have any idea about these problems? Is this behaviour normal? Should I somehow filter or manipulate the signl (right outlet of groove) that I'm using to provide the playback/recording position index? Thanks!
    • Apr 30 2010 | 5:58 am
      no - the ipoke~ object allows for varispeed recording - that is, if you record a C3 at 'normal' speed, and then double the speed - it will sound as a C4
      then, if you record another c3, you will have a octave [c3 and c4} at double speed - if set back to normal speed, you will have a c2 and c3 ---
      if you download the ipoke object and play with the example, i think you will find it very intuitive! just adjust the buffer size and phasor~ to the loop length you need
      +++++++ tristan
    • Sep 07 2011 | 12:40 pm
      Sorry to necro this thread but did you ever finish/share that external tristan? (are there no PMs on this forum? I looked but couldn't find a way to send a direct message).