M4L looping similar to RadiaL?

    Dec 13 2009 | 12:56 am
    Hi, I was wondering if anyone knows of any M4L instruments that are good for live looping similar to RadiaL, with more on the fly capabilities than Live? Thank you!

    • Dec 13 2009 | 3:41 am
      uh... the Buffer Shuffler?
    • Dec 13 2009 | 6:10 am
      uh.... dont be a prick?
    • Dec 13 2009 | 6:11 am
      maybe use tapin/tapout and freeze the delay line. thats how i loop, it's pretty effective.
    • Dec 13 2009 | 7:28 pm
      The suggestion of using Buffer Shuffler was entirely unironic - it was designed and created by someone who (at least in part) specifically was thinking of extending and improving what the radiaL channel did. If you knew and used radiaL fluently, I think that a little quality time with the patch will make that even clearer. The interesting thought experiment would be to imagine what you might add or alter....