M4L pattrstorage lost

    Dec 06 2019 | 7:06 pm
    Hello, I have been saving presets in a pattrstorage @parameter_enable 1 for a few days, re-opening the Ableton set, recalling, and saving more presets. Everything was working great until this morning: After a crash, I restarted Ableton, clicked "no" to "do you want to recover" and all my presets were gone. The storage window shows the different slots but the data is missing. Is the parameter_enable 1 mode really reliable? Am I doing something wrong? Here is what I am doing:
    I tend to click "no" after a crash on " do you want to recover?" as I've noticed that some devices are not properly recalled, but maybe I'm wrong doing this?
    any advice would be appreciated! Florent