M4L, Pluggo, why?

    Jan 09 2010 | 11:37 pm
    Hello friends,
    Once again, I 'm going to be a little heretic in this post.
    Here (french forum) someone explains (gives) a Pluggo plugin for Live. http://codelab.fr/1188
    I did not have a look on M4L yet, but I'm very interested to it. But, before I break my piggy bank for that new fantastic tool, my question is : why? if I could run a pluggo vst inside Live?
    (And though pluggo does not exists anymore ;-)

    • Jan 10 2010 | 11:02 pm
      I don't think there's anything particularly heretical about asking questions about why and how you spend your time and your resources. *For the moment,* you can certainly continue to use Max 4.6 to create plug-ins, and if you don't really care about either nice tight timing with regard to the Live transport or having some access to the LiveAPI, then stick with the old ways. Marcel's vocoder will run perfectly well as a plug-in constructed in 4.6 or as a M4L plug-in.
      But that's *now.* No guarantees as to your future. If you're content with that, then go make some wonderful music and hope that the current situation lasts. You're the one that gets to make that choice - you can be the grasshopper or the ant.