m4l - sampler (access & data order)

    Aug 20 2012 | 1:19 am
    Hello everyone ,this is Kris . Im totally new in here ,but ive had a lot help from u guys (using search) thanks to your activity ,i can really enjoy it ! ... unfortunately i could not find any solution considering my problem . Im forced to ask you guys how to get over it ...
    the thing is : i would love to build a sample selector in max for use with "ableton sampler device" ... ive created a table from where im retrieving values in fly . every key/pitch has assigned one sample to access it via live.remote to "sampler" selector . Everything seems to be working except a note trigger . when i press one key two times and another one after it - im hearing first sample but repitched . another press key triggers dedicated sample selector as it should . but im always getting this strange order after pressing the key two times . sample selector moves to the right position but it plays last used sample first . seems like the note event coming into "device" as first , at second it triggers any other events . i have no idea how to force "max" to behave expected way . i would like to believe that im missing something and some of you might be able to help in my specific scenario .
    greettingsssssss and thanks again for your work on the forum K