[M4L Sharing] Live Clip Chopper - MLR mash-up business in Live!

    Jan 10 2010 | 8:42 am
    Live Clip Chopper Myr
    A Max4Live device for controlling the playing position of clips within Live.
    MLR mash-up business in Live!
    The currently playing or last played Clip in a Live Track is mapped across the rows of the monome for triggering and beat chopping once playing.
    The Clip Chopper currently only focuses on tracks 1 - 8 or 1 - 16 depending on the Monome Size selected in the live drop down menu.
    ----Note---- All Clips you want to chop must have RAM Enabled. You can shift select or click over the whole Clip Matrix to do this quickly ----------------
    Original Live Clip Launcher v0.91 made by Nanogen. Thanks to Nanogen for the clever math and patching that finally made this possible.
    ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- To Do
    - Incorporate the APC and Launchpad style red box, to view and select the area of the Live Clip Matrix currently being focused on.
    - Dynamic track and scene change dependant on Live Clip Matrix selection.
    - Only playing clips mode.
    - Optional extra 2 rows or columns of stops, records and functions taking up 2 rows or columns,
    - Make horizontal or vertical display a preference.
    ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Rev. 12
    - now supports 64, 128h, 128v and 256.
    - automatically resizes when you select the monome size from the live menu.
    - turned it back to being horizontal, so x = track position y = track. gunna make this optional tho.
    - clicking in a none playing row triggers the last played clip.
    - cleaned up led output.
    - cleaned up press -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
    Monome Forum

    • Jan 13 2010 | 2:16 am
    • Jan 13 2010 | 11:15 am
      I've got say this is awesome, i don't own a monome and have never delved into the applications as it always looked time consuming to setup, i've simply dragged your patch into my set and started mashing It's wicked.....
      And of course now i'm gonna pull it apart to understand how you've done it!!!
      Nice one!
      Cheers D
    • Jan 13 2010 | 12:19 pm
      Stupid question but why can't i alter the contents of live_clip_v5 ? i'm wanting just one monome row so it will only read the track that the patch resides on....
      Cheers D
    • Jan 13 2010 | 5:26 pm
      the live_clip_v5 (the latest version is v6 downloadable here
      i've abstracted the live_clip functionality out into a patcher. so now all the core functionality is on it's own, and shouldn't need much editing. the patcher has two inputs, the Track it should focus on, and the ClipSlot it should be focusing on.
      so you can easily implement a get track device resides on and then feed this through.
      the original file is included if you unfreeze the device, or you can just double click on it, like you would a normal p object to open it up, but you then need to click Modify Read Only in the edit menu or Alt+CMD+M to allow editing. you can also right click on it and go to open original like you would with a bpatcher. seems all patcher objects without the p object infront automatically open as read only.
      there will be some more updates to it soon, as we're currently working on sub-looping and pattern recorders, some good functions for mashing in the original mlr that we're going to include. but it shouldn't change the core of live_clip. may just put some more send n receives inside it, so it'll be easy for everyone to keep updated, without having to repatch much.
      glad you're enjoying it though, look forward to seeing what you come up with for that apc40, really liked some of your previous patches and apc videos of how you set up your sets :).
    • Jan 13 2010 | 6:05 pm
      alright here's one more version before i finally get some sleep.
      it's a very basic test of track selection and choke groups.
      all normal functionality should work fine when the Live Tracks Mode menu is set to All. If set to One rows will map down the clips of the same track starting at the playing_slot_index.
      definitely needs more work, but test it out and let me know what you think.
      also refined the live_clip patcher/abstraction down, it's now on v6.
    • Jan 18 2010 | 1:25 pm
      I'm on this tonight as iu've got everything else working in my APC40 template.... gonna have it address the clip stop buttons which is where it'll run the metronome....
      I think i'll call it onerownome if that's ok?
      Didn't realise that it was you who did the nanokontrol stuff as well, that was awesome!!
      Cheers D