M4L - Update

    Mar 13 2013 | 12:19 pm
    I have a license for Max6 with Crossgrade for M4L (V5) & Ableton 8 Standart License
    No I must update 2 Ableton Live 9 Standard.
    Ableton said: when i Update 2 Ableton Live 9 Suite (299€) then I will get M4L MaxV6 But I want Ableton 9 Standart (129€), If I will make this -they said- "I will only have M4L V5" If I want M4L V6 they said "I must buy an update on cycling.com"
    My question now is "which update" "price?"
    by the way, when I call from Austria the Cycling NR. +1 415-974-1818 I get a "this number is not recognized"