Ma Digital Performance Brunel University

    Feb 11 2006 | 1:22 pm
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    MA in Digital Performance
    School of Arts Brunel University West London
    Course Convener: Paul Verity Smith
    This is a distinctive and unique interdisciplinary program focused on industry graduate needs, and involves collaboration between the School of Arts and the School of Engineering and Design. It centers on the integration of creative arts with science and technology to develop students' skills to advanced levels and to equip them with the expertise to contribute to, as well as respond to, the rapidly changing requirements of the creative, broadcast and communication industries. Drawing on significant academic, creative and technological strengths from both Schools, the program's high degree of currency and interdisciplinarity, as well as its emphasis on employability, will be highly attractive to students. The teaching team includes: Steve Dixon, Johannes Birringer, Stelarc, Sue Broadhurst, Gretchen Schiller, Paul Verity Smith, and Kjell Petersen.
    The program is designed to educate and train multi-skilled artist-technicians, enabling them to adapt their techniques to different art, entertainment and media forms. A clear skill gap has been identified within the theatre, broadcast and communication industries (as well as in the art gallery sector) for expert and creative technicians who are not only able to realize directors/artists' ambitions for highly technological films and broadcasts, theatre/dance performances, animations, music compositions, and installations, but also to pro-actively collaborate and artistically contribute to them. Graduates will also be initiators and producers of their own original work across a range of electronic arts and performance, as well as participating in the development of new modes of cultural and artistic practices. The program incorporates development of business, production and entrepreneurial skills, recognizing the demands for multi-skilled and collaborative approaches in the industry.
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