Mac keyboard freezes when I open my patch!

    Aug 21 2012 | 5:46 pm
    The symptoms are that I open a Live program with a single M4L patch in it, and after I use it for a little my computer keyboard ceases to work until I reboot.
    I'm about a week away from an important show, so I'm sort of freaking out over this as it forces me to reboot each time it happens.
    I had this issue in the past when I was running Live and M4L on a small window size (when I was trying to make a movie to demonstrate some point) but now I get it all the time for one sequence and one M4L live patch in particular.
    I'm downloading a brand-fresh copy of both Max and Live in case that'll fix it - but I haven't changed a thing in my installation, it's a desperate attempt to do something useful.
    The M4L patch isn't particularly complex (by my standards) and seems to work perfectly well, even once the keyboard has stopped working. And the last time this was happening, I hadn't even written this new patch.
    Any help desperately requested!

    • Aug 22 2012 | 10:26 am
      Update: after a lot more debugging, this seems to be an interaction between Max For Live and the DMXIS VST plug-in which I've recently started to use. It seems that this sometimes happens if you start the plug-in and there's no interface box there (it's supposed to run in demo mode, and it usually does but sometimes...)
      I'm fairly sure that the blame resides with DMXIS, not Max For Live.