Mac OS Mountain Lion 'Full Screen' mode using external display

    Nov 03 2012 | 9:37 am
    Does anybody have a work around for a new issue I have encountered, pretty much i updated my macbook to the newest version with mountain lion. I can no longer use my macbook for multitasking whilst my external display in fullscreen. If i wish to use fullscreen mode the macbook becomes useless, the toolbar and dock disappear.
    This happens when using any form of video wether its in max or any other 3rd party software (quicktime player too). Up until now i have only used MSP but now wish to use Jitter and start projecting visuals but its completely useless unless i have full control over my laptop whilst projecting.
    I find this crazy. the old operating systems gave you much more freedom (leopard 10.6, no issue), it seems apple are deciding whats right for the customer once again. Apparently Apples reason for this is to make your workflow less cluttered! I have taken the issue to Apple and they offered me my money back because they do not know what to do, but i mean surely many of you on the forum are using mountain lion and have no issues....?
    I am pretty new to using max and especially video, it could be something very easy to solve. I would really appreciate any help to get me on my way, attached is screen shot of my external display and macbook during fullscreen playback using a basic vizzie setup.