Mach-O external crashes in Max 4.5.x Runtime / Standalone

    May 18 2006 | 8:30 am
    Hi everybody,
    in the past several people have reported crashes when using some of
    my externals (Mach-O versions) in the Runtime version of Max 4.5. I
    finally managed to fix that bug, so new versions will be uploaded
    soon (flashserver already is updated, I have to check which other
    externals might be affected as well).
    Since other developers might have experienced the same problem,
    here's a short description what happened (maybe it's even a bug in
    Max runtime?): In order to be able to allocate more memory than
    getbytes() was able to give me I used t_getbytes in non-dsp
    externals. Do do so I just included z_dsp.h and linked to the
    MaxAudioAPI library. This worked fine in the normal Max version but
    crashed in the runtime in case there was a t_getbytes() call in the
    xxx_new() routine. Calling t_getbytes later on seemes to work fine.
    Max standalones were also affected by this crash. Using sysmem_getptr
    () and friends instead of the t_getbytes() calls now solved the
    problem for me.