MacIntel acts very weird after instaling MaxMSP

    Jun 05 2006 | 12:18 pm
    i've just installed MaxMSP/Jitter on my new MacBook...
    i guess PACE is to blame, but have no real idea what the problem is...
    after installing, i get error code -10810 when i try launching apps... (Application cannot be launched -10810)
    sometimes it just tells me that i have to many threads, when only one program is open..
    my priviledges are completely fucked over.
    i cant even launch system tools, like disk utility !
    the problem is not max itself, and kinda hard to put a finger on, since everything have started acting very weird!
    i've reinstallet OSX 4.6 many times, but everything keeps getting weird after max installation ? MaxMSP is the only thing i have installed using PACE.
    my system.
    OSX 4.6 MacBook 2.0 Dualcore 512 mb ram 60 gb hd
    any replies are very wellcome...also if you encountered a similar problem, but have no solution.