Dynamic amount of Map-buttons (in bpatchers) made with Javascript won't map!

    Dec 07 2014 | 1:06 am
    Hi all,
    I've been a Max user for quite a long time now, but using the objects which interface with Live still leaves quite some mystery for me.
    I've been designing a patch where I get data in via OSC (not included in example code), and I can map this data using multiple M4L.MapButtonMultiSingle.maxpat in a Bpatchers (in example code!).
    I'm using Javascript to dynamically add bpatchers on the fly to my M4L patch.
    My problem now is that the dynamically created buttons won't map to a value like they're supposed to! I'm guessing this is because the live.thisdevice, live.path etc. objects don't work if they're created in this on-the-fly manner in a bpatcher.
    How to fix this? So how can I create multiple map-buttons in a dynamic fashion that actually work? See the AMXD file to get a sense of what I mean.