Make live dial effect knob like Mapped Macros do?

    Jan 18 2010 | 4:40 am
    I have been working on a patch for Operator. I want to build my own mappable Macros kind of, as a part of the patch.
    Because of some limitations of M4L I cannot put Operator inside a rack and use it's mappable Macros, because the M4L patch needs to address the first device which will be Operator. So I want to make my own Macro style mapping where 8 knobs each have their own drop down menu and can be assigned to the desired parameter in the Operator.
    When you use lives Macro Mapping, any parameter that gets mapped is properly adjusted regardless of wether it's value is 1-127, 0-1, -70-0, Int, Floats, or menus with only 4 options. So when you turn the Macro from Low to High, it adjusts the mapped value as you would expect.
    MY PROBLEM IS, how do I do this with a live dial in M4L. Heres a small example of where I am at. Drop the M4L midi device on any track, put and instance of operator following it. The knob will adjust the parameter you assign using the drop down. However it only works a certain way. Any Ideas on how to make this work.