makin' waves

    Apr 19 2006 | 6:20 pm
    I would love any creative suggestions or pointers for this piece. I'm trying to improve an installation that I have been working on. Ultimately I would like to use my version of Brecht's panorama patch (from a few weeks ago), where 4 are used as tiles. However, I'd like to simulate water/waves over these planes - similar to the pool-3d-nurbs.pat from the examples folder. I'm using a 1.67ghz mac 1gb ram 128 vram powerbook tiger 10.4.4
    (my simple version of Brecht's patch at bottom of email)
    First, here's a patch of the basic "look" of what I am trying to accomplish. This patch allows you to draw the waves and then with jit.op and jit.brass it mixes with a video file. So I basically eliminated the nurb from the example patch (which I'd rather not do - but am willing to if it takes too much processing). I'd rather eliminate the op and brass.
    and here's the patch... is there a way to draw on the "texture-sketch" like you can with the nurb (ctlmatrix)? or is there a way to route the "texture-sketch" output to texture the nurb which is being drawn? I've tried several ways to cut/paste these two patches together, but the cpu/gpu take too much of a hit.