making long, thin matrix

    Jan 17 2006 | 5:19 am
    Maybe I'm overlooking something really simple here.......
    Say I want to take the values in a 40 x 30 matrix and re-order them into a matrix that is 1200 x 1 in size. Is there an object or object combo that will do this for me?
    I'm dynamically changing the size of the matrix, which makes the huge-glob-of-glue-scissors-objects approach difficult.
    Also, the matrix contains float32 values. In 2 dimensions.
    I was trying this approach:
    jit.iter or jit.spill into list
    then fill new matrix using jit.fill
    but getting lots of crashes. Also feels a little inefficient.
    Is there a nice neat way to do this? I'll bet there is.....
    Thanks very much......

    • Jan 17 2006 | 6:22 am
      you want jit.scanwrap
    • Jan 17 2006 | 7:34 am
      Works a treat. thanks for that. should have seen it.