Kinect sensor: Jit.openni rotation question

    Apr 02 2014 | 5:53 pm
    Hey everybody,
    Has anybody figured out how to utilize the rotation matrix values coming from jit.openni to rotate joints on an avatar? I am trying to animate the simple model from Jitter recipe 45 Humanoid with a Kinect Sensor.
    I had a buggy system that kind of worked with synapse and jit.ogre in max 5, but I had to use several conversions to change the 9 value matrix to something I can actually rotate an object with (rotate or rotatexyz), and it doesn't work now with jit.openni. I am on mac, so I can't use dp.kinect.
    The problem I seem to be encountering is that you can use jit.amim.node to send out a rotation matrix of the objects attached by sending a "gettransform" message and parsing out the values like this:
    but there doesn't seem to be a way to do it the other way around. I want to take a 3x3 rotation matrix and transform the jit.anim.node. I have tried several conversion objects and even designed an extremely complex math patch to do the conversion, but with the incorrect results I have been having at every stage, I wonder if there is some kind of correction that has to be made to the rotation matrix coming out of jit.openni
    Here is my latest failed attempt using if and expr objects to reproduce the code found at