Managing a list of multiple videos

    Jul 16 2012 | 7:12 pm
    Unfortunately I haven't done any Max in a couple of years and I am moving slow progress. I know what I want to do: record a few frames of video every 3 seconds then manipulate these copies (position (x,y) and scale) on screen. My steps would be something like: 1. for every 3 seconds: 2. record a few(ex. 10) frames 3. shift any previous recordings in the list by one 4. add the current recording at the start of my list 5. move(x,y) each video in the list 6. repeat
    I'll probably need to split this into multiple questions: 1. What's the recommended way to store a few video frames(pixels, no audio) ? - a list of jit.matrix objects ?(where would I start with storing matrices in a list) - using jit.qt.record ? (it seems find for storing to a file, can it work work with ram as well - is there something like the buffer~ object but for pixels) ? 2. Managing a list of jit matrices - where would I start with that ? 3. Moving images on screen - I've played with jit.submatrix and noticed the dim and offset attributes, but I imagine there are other (better ways) to manipulate multiple matrices into a single destination matrix ?
    Any hints/starter tips are appreciated.
    Thanks, George

    • Jul 19 2012 | 10:35 am
      I was looking on the available resources on the site and found Recipe 36: TinyVideo from Jitter Recipes: Book 3. I'll go with that for now. Any tips/alternatives would help.
      Thanks, George