mandelbrot boundary sound

    Sep 16 2012 | 8:44 am
    Hi Gen is doing fine-- I am here posting a patch exploring waveforms generated from the iteration of points close to the mandelbrot boundary. I have been realizing many of the chaotic maps in a similar framework since gen came out last year, but there seems to be different qualities to the orbits coming out of this algorithm, and that mandelbrot boundary is quite infinite so there is much to be explored.. [the mandelbrot set is a boundary fractal , what is on the inside stays bounded by an (infinite?) number of iterations --what is on the outside races off to infinity sooner or later... ] I have inserted clips and modulo to avoid to large outputs, but some clipping now and then is inevitable when dealing with this boundary, protect your ears and speakers.. I have at this point far from studied all there is to be studied on the mandelbrot set, would not necessarily have the mathematical language for it all, but any interesting references to research in this field are very welcome.. there are some more comments and thoughts inside the patch. greetings Vilbjørg

    • Sep 26 2012 | 7:23 am
      This patch is not running with max6.0.7, it is working in max6.0.5 .
    • Oct 01 2012 | 5:09 am
      Hi there,
      Sorry for the delay in responding on this. We've traced this to a bug in gen~ in 6.0.7 which only affects the [interp] operator. (It is clashing with certain names for history, param etc. objects during an internal compilation stage of type analysis.) In your patch, the clash is with the [history x] and [history y] objects; it would also clash with objects named 'a' or 'a2'. Unfortunately this combination did not occur during our testing phase before the 6.0.7 release.
      This bug is ticketed internally as #3580, and a fix will be included in the next incremental update.
      In the meantime, it can be avoided in your patch by renaming the history objects (and corresponding messages in the max patch).
      Apologies for the inconvenience and delay,
    • Oct 23 2012 | 10:18 am
      Hi thanx, yes getting around it simply by renaming to ex and why here is the zipped patch running in 6.0.7 ,, .. i like the code at the side in gen, that must be how gen puts it together, make me think that that my little gen thing could be structured much better ,, ( well but it runs) and now there is also: if else, good for these kind of things in the future greetings