Manipulate OS X Tags from Max ?

    Oct 15 2017 | 7:46 pm
    A way to manipulate OS X Tags from Max ?
    Here is a screenshot illustrating what i want to do. I would like to change the tags on the left in the 'finder get info box', by clicking on a board of textbuttons.
    Maybe I'm dreaming but ideally I imagine some kind of Automator+Max combination in some sort of way to be able to see, while selecting files in the finder, my "board of tags" in my Max patch on the side, updating to the last file selected... Otherwise if not possible I would have to drag the file into a dropfile object i guess... (And ideally i would use my board of tags from mira or duetdisplay since i have plenty of sounds/musics to classify. (and later potentially other type of files than sounds/musics, like videos, images, and maybe some patches))
    note : The terminal commands are like chinese for me, but to mention, I heard there are commands which deal with Mac OS Tags ( ) and i heard you can send terminal commands from Max.
    I put this question is the js forum even if I'm a dump in js because i guess it would be more simple to do that using js than just patch cords!
    Thank a lot in advance for any help! ^^ Patch of the screenshot here:

    • Oct 19 2017 | 3:26 pm
      No idea anyone ? (about automator, i don't think it's possible to ask it to send max the filepath of the selected file in the finder unless you trigger a 'service' manually, kind of painful)