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    nick toe
    Feb 15 2019 | 7:39 pm
    hey there
    I just learned that it's possible to use max inside of Ableton Live. I decided to make a simple patch that has one dial with an option to map it to a parameter in Ableton. I spent an entire day in the search of the solution but could not find anything how it can be mapped. Any ideas how it can be done? Thanks

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      Gregory Taylor
      Feb 15 2019 | 9:55 pm
      You'll have to spend a little time learning Max, and some particular time working out how the Live Object Model lets you access and control Parameters in Ableton Live. That's not necessarily an "I did it on my lunch hour" undertaking. That said, here's a patch that demonstrates one way of doing it, based on the work of my genius colleague Manuel Poletti, whose example patches in the Max for Live tutorials built into the Live Application you should already be studying.
      Max Patcher
      In Max, select New From Clipboard.
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      I'll leave it as an exercise for you to work out what's going on as you study Max and the Live Object Model. Good luck!
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      Hairen T
      May 17 2019 | 3:40 pm
      Hello Gregory, I tried to understand the patch you gave, and it seems to work. But when i use it in Live 10, i've got a problem. The patch is working in boolean "style". When i turn the patch's knob, the mapped one is only going min or max. And when the knob is over 1, the other one is just stuck to max. Could you help me please ? Thanks :)
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      Oct 12 2019 | 1:54 pm
      Hi, there's a map boutton on some patch, that allows to grab a parameter from live and assign it to an m4l Fonction, but on live 10 some old patches using this funtion don' t work anymore, coud someone post a mapping boutton update? or any infos to make it work? thanks a lot !
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      jj darling
      Dec 14 2020 | 1:22 pm
      @HAIREN T
      I have the same boolean problem
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      Tiess McKenzie
      Feb 08 2021 | 6:50 pm
      For others stumbling into this thread - open the inspector for the live.dial - you can change the range and unit style to whatever you need (on this pasted patch the range is 0. - 1. and the unit style is float)
      (whoo I finally got to contribute something to these forums!)
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      Oct 26 2021 | 11:29 pm
      Hey fam! This was so much more complicated to nail down than I wished for. I always kept coming back to this article without leaving with any new insights. I decided to make a tutorial on exactly this after lots of help. How to build your own working M4L mapping button doesn't have to be a mystery anymore.
      I really hope this helps anyone who found themselves in a similar position to me last year. Ideally as a beginner, it is much easier to be able to explore the techniques and device ideas you want to without getting hung up on an issue like this... Happy patching!