matrixctrl custom buttons

    May 17 2013 | 8:46 am
    Hi, is there anybody who knows how to create custom buttons for matrixctrl? I've seen MatrixDefaultCell.pct and I tried also with jKnobMan... but without succes, max always visualizes just a portion of the buttons... the documentation is not very clear about... is there a predefined size for the buttons? and there is a way to resize the matrix? Will be nice to have an example of matrix with buttons on-off and how to get there.

    • May 17 2013 | 9:01 am
      as example here is a button I made with JKnobMan, how to make it work with matrixctrl?
    • May 17 2013 | 9:42 am
      here are some links that can help you out :
      cycling74 video on the topic :
      and the "Dahl-guigraphics" from the Toolbox has all the files to create nice buttons for good looking matrixctrls
      hope this helps
    • May 17 2013 | 4:20 pm
      thanks a lot karrrlo,
      “Dahl-guigraphics” is really useful. I've already seen the vido tutorial, didn't help to understand if I have a problem of size or whatever it is.
    • May 19 2013 | 9:39 pm
      the checkboxes in the Inspector like "has inactive image" and "has image mask" are sometimes the culprits...