Dynamic control of sends and state of effect chains using clips

    Aug 09 2014 | 8:55 pm
    Hello dear community,
    I want to implement a specific layer of macro control on top of Live to be used in my live sets.
    The purpose would be to have different depth of the sends (busses) interpolate gradually when I launch specific clips.
    To give an example: in my set I have this specific instrument track for percussive elements that in 'song Z' has a depth of 50% on bus A for reverberation and a depth of 70% on bus B being a waveshaper. Then in 'song X' this same instrument track has a depth of 10% for bus A and 0% for bus B
    Now what I want as additional layer of macro control is to have a sort of morph from state to the other when I launch the next scene by interpolating between these two values. This process should be triggered by a clip in the same horizontal row that contains this info or has some sort of index that communicates with a coll or pattr object inside the Max4Live system that contains these values and also defines the ramp time of the interpolation. I can imagine for one song it is preferred to have very quick interpolation and for another the transition should be evolving slowly so this ramp should be dynamic too.
    Then there is another aspect which I would like to implement in the same system, to mute and unmute effect chains on specific instrument tracks depending on the scene. This does not have to be by means of interpolation but can just be a binary switch.
    A final functionality would be that this patch can take sort of snapshots of the current settings of these sends (busses) and perhaps other settings inside fx and that it can save this to a coll or pattr directly which is then used for the interpolation
    - So now I'm wondering were to start and if you have any recommendations of similar toolsets / patches that have been developed to get this sort of control in Live or projects I should look at?
    I'm quite advance as a Max user and also a Live user but so far did not really build any Max4Live tools other than plain audio effect so nothing that really is reliant on and communicating with the live API in deeper level. So I also would like to coin this question, for developers that are advanced in writing M4L tools that involve the API. Is it possible to create a dynamic architecture like this with Max 4 Live?
    My first thought in constructing this would be to create a M4L patch that collects the data (values of the sends, state of activity of fx chains) and has a pattr architecture that talks with the API which is then linked to midi-clips that trigger specific presets of the pattr.
    Thanks for your time,