Max 5 Runtime on Linux...

    May 15 2008 | 4:59 pm
    Just out of curiosity I installed Max 5 under wine on a recent Ubuntu
    Linux. I did expectantly get a bunch of error messages due to Pace
    probably, but the first impression is: It works...
    When starting I get the following error messages (a lot of the same):
    folderwatcher_beginproc: ReadDirectoryChangesW failed
    folderwatcher_endproc: error 1460 calling CancelIo
    Beside these, I can call the Max help files and they seem to work...
    Audio does have problems, choosing the mme driver will fail with
    ad_mme: unable to open wave output device
    ad_mme: stopping due to error
    choosing the direct sound driver first worked somehow (I got sound from
    the cycle~ help file), but opening another help file killed it. It will
    now report:
    ad_directsound: error 8878000a from CreateCaptureBuffer() in
    (Don't know how to open the clue window on a Max Runtime in Linux... ;-)
    I guess these error messages do mean somthing, but I don't know what.
    In a way it worked better than I expected, and for sure it needs some
    This is not important at all, but I just wanted to share this
    experience. If anybody knows to what these errors might point, I'll
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