max 5 / virtual machines pace and linux

    Jan 26 2008 | 1:52 pm
    i'm pretty bound to switch from osx to linux, the only thing that's holding me back is max. i've invested to much in it over the years to just drop it. i realize running it in a vm is impossible at the moment due to pace, as discussed here: and here:
    but as max 5 is getting closer, will the copy protection still be pace? there's some discussion about it here can someone at cycling chime in on this?
    then, i'm also confused with regards to ilock. is ilock independant of pace? could i then run max in a vm with an ilock?
    of course, there has been a mention of a linux port, but as i understand it, this is not coming any time soon, though it would be great of course...
    thanks for any answers, would be a great help.

    • Feb 25 2008 | 10:30 pm
      I havn't poster for ages so i did a search through the posts and found yours.
      Linux is great. Im personally not big fan of Os10 as i have been a PC user and have no problems with it. I would highly recommend Linux for pro audio work especially development and experimental stuff using Max. Although max does not officially work under linux i have Max/Msp 4.5 working fulling under the WINE win32 system. WINE isn't a emulator as such but it simply diverts the win32 commands to the right liberies and unix arguments. Obviously this doesn't work for everything but i have found no problems with Max. The only couple things i have found is that the arduino cannot connect to max through Linux.
      Obviously its worth having a look at PD if you hanv't already. some swear by it and some swear at it. I personally use both quite equally.
      I use Ubuntu Studio 7.10 (formally 7.04) and its awesome. My usual use is to have PD patched into Max/MSP with the sound going into my DAC but also being patched to Fluxus. This is possible using JACK if you haven't come across it already.
      Is there any other Linux fans on the forums. I sure hope so. It would be great to see what programs people use and experiment with.
      Best advice with Linux....don't give up and have a working computer with google on it handy at all times.
    • Feb 26 2008 | 9:11 am
      On 25 Feb 2008, at 22:30, Macca wrote:
      > Although max does not officially work under linux i have Max/Msp > 4.5 working fulling under the WINE win32 system.
      Copy protection?
      I can believe that MaxMSP Runtime could be hosted in Wine, but would be very surprised if PACE let you authorise the full version.
      -- N.
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    • Feb 26 2008 | 9:29 am
      Yeah, I tried on Ubuntu Studio and got shot down by PACE.
    • Feb 26 2008 | 10:22 am
      On 26 Feb 2008, at 09:29, John wrote:
      > Yeah, I tried on Ubuntu Studio and got shot down by PACE.
      Even so, if the Windows MaxMSP Runtime runs under Wine I can see uses for it.
      -- N.
      Nick Rothwell / Limited
    • Feb 26 2008 | 8:22 pm
      I use the runtime under wine and it works fine. The installation was quite simple, unzip the compressed file on a mac or pc and transfer the setup folder to the Ubuntu desktop. It installed with no hick-up. Direct the terminal to the directory by draging the install file onto the terminal (select cd from the menu that appears) then do the standard wine install command (can't quite remember of top of my head and not in front of my Ubuntu box).(?)
      My only issue was sound drivers. It only liked 32k at install, but after reboot was fine at 44 and 48.
      Good for testing some patches for windows without Windows.......bizzare.
      I like wine a lot ;-) ....and Ubuntu.
      Today I have a pixel deficiency