Max 6.1.8 Released

    Aug 07 2014 | 7:44 pm
    We are happy to announce the release of Max 6.1.8.
    With Max 6.1.8, there are a number of bug fixes as well as some significant Gen optimizations. Please take a look at the list below. Most notably, Gen editing is now included for all Max 6.1.8 users. David Zicarelli has written a new blog post about Max 6.1.8 and beyond:
    As always, you can download the update here:
    Max 6.1.8 will install over top of your previous Max 6.1.x installation.
    Enjoy! -Ben
    New Features:
    • Gen: Compilation optimizations • Gen: Gen editing included for all Max users
    • detonate: misc fixes • dict: memory leak fixes • Gen: creating project with .gendsp dependencies works as expected • gswitch: no longer changes input selection when receiving a bang in the right inlet • ISF export no longer fails with dim operator • js sqlite: request to fetch out-of-range results no longer crashes • JS: fixed DB access (fixes get_plugs.js for vst usage) • kernel: removed QtKit and Quicktime Frameworks for Mac App Store compatibility • matrixctrl: no longer complains about missing default images • maxurl: allows the setting of a proxy server • maxurl: misc fixes • Max For Live: fixed crash in Max for Live editor with poly~ • Max For Live: fixed crash on unfreeze with certain devices • Max For Live: removed Java dependencies on OSX • Max For Live: ‘set’ message to Live UI objects no longer causes output • Multithreaded memory and symbol performance improvements • objects: dict, attrui, genpatcher, glstatus, etc, properly marked as factory externals • packages: makes a folder for Packages when Max is opened • pattrstorage: fixed cpu issues during modulation • pong~: attribute order fixes • Projects: app building properly includes gen~ abstractions • round: right inlet is now shown as cold • textedit: fix for random crashes • umenu: 'set' message accepts float as documented • Windows: keyboard shortcuts for the save dialog when closing a dirty patcher

    • Aug 07 2014 | 8:48 pm
    • Aug 20 2014 | 9:21 am
      Great update! Any news on multi touch screen support? Thanks.