Max 6.1 and gen~ operator for with poke

    Jan 28 2013 | 1:19 pm
    I'm interested if the issue with gen's ability to write in poke with operator for is fixed in version Max 6.1. If so where can I download the new beta?
    Here is my file:
    Best Regards, Ruslan

    • Jan 29 2013 | 5:11 am
      so, anybody could help on the issue of using poke with iterate loop (operator for) inside gen~?
    • Jan 29 2013 | 8:50 am
      look at some of the examples in the gen~ examples folder in your distribution.
      gen~.chopper.maxpat gen~.chopper_repeat.maxpat gen~.livelooper.maxpat gen~.sincinterpolation.forloop.maxpat
      all i got time for now sorry...
      good luck.
    • Jan 29 2013 | 1:10 pm
      thanks pid, will go through it.
    • Jan 30 2013 | 3:24 am
      Hi there,
      This works in the next build (currently in beta testing):
      Param N(2048.);
      Param b(3.);
      Param Fc(55.);
      Param Fm(113.778);
      Buffer all;
      steps = int(in1);
      // recompute only when input changes
      // (otherwise it would be extremely expensive!)
      if (change(steps)) {
      	// write data:
      	for (i=1; i < steps; i += 1) {
      		x = N/(1.+i*b);
      		y = (Fc+i*Fm)/2000.;
      		poke(all, y, x, 0, 0);
      // need at least one output or codebox will be bypassed:
      out1 = 0;
    • Jan 30 2013 | 5:36 am
      Thanks Graham,
      it works indeed, but what if I need to change all the parameters mentioned and need to repopulate the data into the poke? I tried to add parameter b into change function but it doesn't work.
      Best Regards, Ruslan