Max 6 Beta / Max for Live sound quality issues.

    Oct 15 2011 | 1:27 am
    I would use the bug reporting page for this but the issue is a bit more general.
    Using Max for Live with Max 6, I'm experiencing some pretty horrendous noise and distortion whenever sound comes out of a max device. It's even present if sound is simply passing through the device with no processing whatsoever. I've uploaded a sound file for reference, with an Operator instance set to a sine wave feeding into a default Max Audio Effect (as pictured in the screenshot). Interestingly the noise gets less ferocious as you increase ableton's sample buffer size, but even at the highest settings it is still present.
    I'm using the built in soundcard on a unibody macbook pro running OS X 10.7.2, with live suite 8.2.6 and the max 6.0 beta. Switching Ableton's Max application path back to Max 5 immediately solves the problem.
    Is there any other info that would be helpful?