MAX 6 - bug in presentation mode ? and patcher appears as MAX 5 file in finder

    Jun 21 2012 | 10:05 am
    Hi, I found 2 strange behaviours in MAX/MSP 6, maybe bugs? I just start to work in 6 and have 5 and 4.6 still on the machine , due to older patches with externals that won't work in 6. I made a new patcher in 6 and saved it, then it appears in the finder as a MAX 5 file, even in the info it says for kind: "Max 5 Patcher"
    I am trying to make a patcher that does not function correctly in presentation mode. I wrote all explanations into the patcher, please take a look and give advice. Many thanks in advance Ullstein
    PS: I just see at the top of the compressed copy it also says MAX 5 patcher !!