Max 6 file & icon association breaking in XP

    Apr 16 2013 | 12:10 am
    I have a problem with Max 6 icons and file associations not installing correctly and breaking afterwards.
    The install is OK, except that .maxpat files do not show their icon in the open|file dialog. They do show in Windows explorer and in the file types dialog for 'open with'
    I use a multiboot system, and when I switch out of the Max system/partition and back the associations are broken for .maxpat .maxhelp and .json - for some reason they still associate for .maxproject and .maxzip
    If I run the repair function from the install package, it puts things back to where they were after installation (almost right) but switching systems breaks the associations again.
    I've done various uninstall/reinstall routines and installed Max6 on a virgin XP system. I've had this setup for the last five years and it's been robust and has been fine with Max 4 & 5
    Advice gratefully received.