Max 6 .maxpat not opeing properly

    Apr 29 2013 | 6:41 am
    Max 6.1.2 64bit windows 7
    I'm new to max and learning it for uni, I downloaded the newest version (64 bit). When I open my project I'm working on for uni, saved as a maxproject, it opens up all normal and sweet as. When I open any maxpat (including the ones from my project) which I have a lot of, they load up in a window with no unlocking icon and no tool bars available. They still work but you can't change them or anything. Is this normal am I missing something?
    Went through the open with menu and choose max6 and not runtime. On the Macs at uni any .maxpat just opens with max6 and you can do whatever you want with it.
    I am very new to max so maybe its a really simple fix, but its driving me round the bend. I can work around it by opening the maxpat from max when its open, but do i really have to do that every time?