Max 7 and the level of multithreading optimisaton

    Nov 14 2014 | 9:45 am
    Hello Cycling'74. First of all, congratulations on the Max 7 release! I just started evaluating it, and so far (with a few exceptions) my impression is largely positive. It is a big release (literally too)!
    I would like to know if any level of changes/improvements were made to multithreading in Max 7 compared to Max 6. Particularly: - Is it possible to make use of multiple processors (multithreading) with general Max and Jitter at all? Can we specifically define a new thread for typical Max or Jitter (I know poly~'s multithreading only works for MSP)? - Is the "Jitter world" (not to be confused with!) still being processed in the main (low-priority) thread, sharing resources with UI drawing and other Max stuff? - Am I right in thinking that even when using poly~'s multithreading, the first voice will always reside on the main thread, sharing processing resources with all Max and Jitter stuff?

    • Mar 08 2016 | 8:35 pm
      Too bad this never got a reply. I'm really curious about this topic as well!
    • Mar 08 2016 | 8:39 pm
      not much has changed with multithreading with Jitter from Max 6 to 7, with the exception that using the AVF engine will decode frames in separate threads.
    • Mar 08 2016 | 10:07 pm
      that means ... ?